2020 All Campuses

Timetables and venue bookings can be viewed from the publications accessed from each campus on this webpage. These publications are updated overnight (venues, LANs, tests), lecture timetable updates vary depending on timing of the semester.

The publications accessed from this link are dynamic, i.e. as soon as a booking is made by the TT&VBO, it can be viewed via the Calendar campus link below. The booking can be viewed either by locating the module to which it is booked or the venue.

Please use the drop down lists to select the module or room, once this is selected the right hand drop down box will provide a list to select from.

There are icons to the left of the drop-down boxes at the top of the screen to switch between daily, weekly and monthly calendar views.

Use the green arrows to change the dates that are displayed.

Edgewood Campus

Howard College Campus

Innovation Centre

Medical School Campus

Pietermaritzburg Campus

Westville Campus 

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