2020 LANs Westville Campus

This page contains the link to each campus venue.

Please click the relevant link below to access the required timetables:

2020 Westville Campus LAN Bookings

From this link you will be taken to a timetable for each venue for each day, week by week.

  • The time table is searched by venue name, within the specific campus webpage.
  • After clicking on the required campus link, you will be directed to the next page then click on the ยท third blue tab TIMETABLE FINDER. A list of all venues appear, which can also be alphabetically filtered.
  • Once you have located the venue required, click on (Printable HTML version) on the right hand side and the time table will be shown.
  • Once you click on Printable HTML version alongside the required venue, the bookings for the rest of the year will be displayed.
  • You can click on the date corresponding to the Sunday of the week of the date required, which will take you to that week or scroll down until you find the required date.

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