Pietermaritzburg Campus 2018 General Information

This page contains general information for students and staff regarding the timetable, venues and the module block allocations.


Please refer to the various documents on this website page, which contain the necessary information you will require to navigate the online time tables.  Refer to the module block allocation table, per level and semester, to obtain the module code, which is required to access the timetable.


Please note that all modules are allocated to blocks A, B, C, D, E and F.  Only one module per block may be taken, otherwise there will be a time table clash.

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
2018 PMB MODULE BLOCKS FINAL V2 .xlsx February 12, 2018 23.80 KB Download
PMB USING THE WEB TIMETABLE .docx December 15, 2017 15.74 KB Download
2018 Pietermaritzburg Timetable Information Booklet .docx December 15, 2017 249.67 KB Download
2018 CALENDAR HC WV PMB .xlsx December 15, 2017 26.31 KB Download
2018 BLOCK STRUCTURE .xlsx December 15, 2017 14.31 KB Download

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